What you need to know

Telegram bot
Our game works only in the Telegram messenger using the Telegram bot. Therefore, to play, you must have an installed Telegram client and an account registered in it.

About the game

What is Movie Quiz?
Movies Quiz is an online multiplayer game in a Telegram group in the style of a quiz. Compete with friends in the knowledge of cinematography, guess movies by frames and hints. Discuss films, share impressions.

How to use

How to add a game to your group?
  • Create a new Telegram group or use an existing one in which you are an administrator.
  • Go to private messages with the bot and start it. In the menu that appears, click the button to add the bot to your group. You can also add a bot to your group through the group admin menu.
  • Give the bot admin rights in your group. Without administrator rights, the bot will not be able to work.
  • If necessary, configure the bot parameters for your group by calling the settings menu with the /setting command sent through the group.
  • Send the /start command to the group to start the game.


What are the benefits of a subscription?
Subscribing gives you the following benefits:
  1. Access to player statistics. Without a subscription, players cannot view top players and personal player statistics.
  2. No ads in the game group.
  3. Increase the frequency of posting new tips and movies.
  4. Possibility to activate the unique movie sequence feature. The bot will select films not in a random order, where frequent repetitions are possible, but in a unique one. Until all films are shown, the same film will not be shown a second time. (not taking into account the possibility of showing the same film with different titles)
  5. The ability to guess movies without using commands to the bot, just send the name of the movie.
  6. The ability to use a custom prefix - an exclamation mark, instead of a slash, to call bot commands.
  7. Increased limit for the number of movies, after which the bot will stop the game if no one is playing.

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