License agreement

An End User License Agreement that sets out the terms of use of the Service.

ATTENTION! Please read the terms of the License Agreement carefully before using the Service.
Starting to use the Service or clicking on the button confirming your agreement with the text of the License Agreement means your unconditional acceptance of the terms of this License Agreement. If You do not agree to the terms of this License Agreement, You must stop using the Service.

1. Definitions

1.1. The Movies Quiz service (hereinafter referred to as the Service) is a set of information systems that provide the User with functionality, in accordance with this agreement, the Copyright Holder of which is
1.2. Copyright holder (owner of the exclusive right to the Service) -
1.3. Computer - an operating system, virtual machine or equipment, including a workstation, mobile device or server, that allows using the Telegram messenger and the Copyright Holder Service.
1.4. User (You) – an individual who uses the Service on his own behalf. If the Service is being used on behalf of a legal entity, then the term User (You) hereinafter means the legal entity for which the Service was used and which instructed a separate individual to accept this agreement on its behalf.
1.5. Update(s) – improvements, fixes, extensions and/or modifications to the Service.
1.6. User Guide - accompanying printed and other materials, User Guide, Administrator Guide, reference book, help file and similar printed and electronic documents, the copyright of which is
1.7. Web portal - a web resource of the Copyright Holder intended for receiving support.

2. Grant of license

2.1. You are granted a non-exclusive license to use the Service within the functionality described in the User Manual or on the Copyright Holder's Web Portal, provided that you comply with all technical requirements, as well as all restrictions and conditions for using the Service specified in this License Agreement.
2.2. When using the Service, you are given the opportunity to receive from the Copyright Holder:
- new versions of the Service as they are released;
- technical support (via the Web portal);
- access to information and auxiliary resources of the Copyright Holder.
2.3. You can transfer the right to use the Service to another individual, provided that you transfer the right to use the Service to the recipient within the scope of the rights received from the Copyright Holder, and the recipient fully agrees to the terms of this License Agreement. When transferring the full scope of the rights to use the Service to another individual, you fully transfer to the recipient all the rights to use the Service received by you from the Copyright Holder.

3. Technical support

3.1. Technical support is provided subject to installation in accordance with the technical support rules.

4. Restrictions

4.1. It is prohibited to transfer the right to use the Service to third parties, except as specified in clause 2.3 of this License Agreement.
4.2. For violation of intellectual rights to the Service, the violator bears civil, administrative or criminal liability in accordance with the law.

5. Limited Warranty and Disclaimer of Warranties

5.1. The Copyright Holder guarantees the operation of the Service in accordance with the description set out in the User Manual.
5.2. You agree that no software is error-free.
5.3. The Copyright Holder does not guarantee the functionality of the Service in case of violation of the conditions described in the User's Guide, as well as in case of violation by the User of the terms of this License Agreement.
5.4. You agree that the Service is provided with standard default settings, and you are responsible for any changes you make to the Service settings.
5.5. You agree that the Service will perform the actions necessary for the purposes of the operation of the Service.
5.6. EXCEPT FOR THE LIMITED WARRANTY PROVIDED HEREIN, THE SERVICE IS PROVIDED "AS IS". THE RIGHT HOLDER MAKES NO WARRANTY FOR ITS USE OR PERFORMANCE. With the exception of guarantees, conditions, representations or provisions, the degree of which cannot be excluded or limited in accordance with the applicable law, the copyright holder does not give any guarantees, conditions, representations or provisions (expressed in an explicit or in the implied form), including without restrictions. NON-INFRINGEMENT OF THIRD PARTIES, MERCHANTABILITY, INTEGRATION OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. YOU AGREE THAT YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SETUP AND USE OF THE SERVICE AND FOR THE RESULTS OBTAINED THROUGH THE SERVICE.

6. Limitation of Liability

6.1. To the maximum extent allowed by applicable law, the copyright holder is not responsible for any losses and/or damage (including losses due to undisguised commercial profit, interruption of activity, loss of information or other property damage) arising from the use of or use or use or other INABILITY TO USE THE SERVICE, EVEN IF THE RIGHT HOLDER HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBLE SUCH LOSS AND/OR DAMAGE. IN ANY EVENT, THE RIGHT HOLDER'S LIABILITY UNDER ANY OF THE PROVISIONS OF THIS LICENSE AGREEMENT SHALL BE LIMITED TO THE AMOUNT YOU ACTUALLY PAID FOR THE SERVICE. THESE LIMITATIONS CANNOT BE EXCLUDED OR LIMITED UNDER APPLICABLE LAW.

7. Intellectual Property Rights

7.1. You agree that the Service, documentation, as well as all other objects of copyright, as well as systems, ideas and methods of work, other information contained in the Service, trademarks are intellectual property of the Copyright Holder. This License Agreement does not give you any rights to use intellectual property, including trademarks and service marks of the Copyright Holder, except for the rights granted by this License Agreement.

8. Applicable law

8.1. This License Agreement is governed by the laws of the Russian Federation.
8.2. If any provision of this License Agreement is held to be void, void, unenforceable or illegal, the remaining provisions of this License Agreement will remain in full force and effect. In the event of a conflict between the terms of this agreement and the terms of any software product license agreement concluded between you and the Copyright Holder, the terms of such license agreement shall prevail, in all other respects the terms of this agreement and such agreement shall apply.

9. Contact information of the Copyright Holder

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